Edward J. O'Neill, C.R.T.P.

GOAL #1 - SAVE YOU MONEY - Let's use the tax code to your advantage and get all the credits and deductions to which you are legally entitled. Preparing your tax returns is only part of the job, giving you guidance throughout the year is another way I save you money.

GOAL #2 - PEACE OF MIND - I make every effort to minimize the chance of being audited by researching areas of potential problems and using tested strategies to keep your exposure to a minimum.

GOAL #3 - EDUCATE - I will share my years of knowledge and experience with you in a manner that is condensed, specific and easy to understand so that you can make tax-smart decisions.

Where do you get your tax and financial information? Friends, family, co-workers, the media? Some of what you hear and read is sound advice, but much of it is very general. More importantly, how does it apply to you?

Good advice doesn't have to be costly, but bad advice will almost always cost you dearly. I work hard to reduce your tax and provide friendly, knowledgeable service at an affordable price.